What does my Standard Membership give me?


Since Blackbaud acquired Everydayhero in 2011, our team has tripled in size. This has resulted in numerous enhancements which are driving additional revenue for our charity partners. Building the best fundraising platform in the world and supporting our charities to raise the most amount of money, continues to be Everydayhero’s reason for being.

Standard Membership – Two Ways to Raise Funds

  1. Your charity automatically included in the multi-charity events (ie Run Melbourne) in the States where you have an Authority to Fundraise. Invite supporters to create fundraising pages, and/or set up a team page and invite supporters to join it or donate to it, such as - https://runmelbourne2017.everydayhero.com/au/cure-for-mnd.
  2. Promote DIY community fundraising such as cake bakes, skydives and birthday fundraising by simply inviting supporters to create their page, such as https://give.everydayhero.com/au/kevin-36

Standard Membership – Greater Enhancements

  • From 2017, there are 15% more multi-charity events for Standard Member participation.
  • Full mobile responsive experience.
  • Greater exposure to passionate people, with 1.5m daily visits to EDH digital assets.
  • 20% lift in people raising funds through our new Get Started Wizard.
  • Offline processing of cash donations, reducing the burden on charity administration.
  • 74% of donors giving 5% more at the point of donation adds 3.65% to donation totals.
  • 20% of donors giving through PayPal adds 4.5% to donations totals. 

  • 8% of donors giving through BPay and Australia Post, adds 2% to donation totals. 

  • Reminder Emails to incomplete donations, adds 0.7% uplift to total donations. 

  • Receipting, processing, disbursements, and full reporting, reduces your administrative burden. 

  • Improvements in risk management, fraud detection, platform and data security, protects your charity’s reputation.

Standard Membership – Greater Support

  • Our entire team is locally based in Australia – someone local you can call when you need assistance.
  • 40+ web developers based in Brisbane HQ, creating the world’s best online fundraising experience.
  • Customer Support 7am-6pm AEST for Charity Staff, Supporters and Donors, via phone, email, chat.
  • Account Manager for each Standard Member for strategic fundraising support.
  • Strategic Events Team providing 15% more multi-charity events such as the City2Surf
  • Video Tutorials and Step-by-Step Guides to support successful fundraising.
  • This Orientation Guide is an overview of your Standard Membership – please have a read!

What our Customers Say

‘I’ve always found the service with everydayhero to be exceptional, from simple questions to complex, there is always someone to help’.

Andrew Hewitt, Corporate Development Manager, Ronald McDonald House Randwick

‘What I believe makes everydayhero stand out from the rest, is the ability for users to process offline donations. Whether making a simple donation or banking cash funds raised at an event, this offline solution provides our supporters with endless choices and a much easier process to bank their funds. In addition, our internal processes and workloads have been decreased, resulting in our time being better spent engaging with our supporters and making the most of their fundraising experience.’.

Sarah Rossiter, Senior Manager Supporter Engagement, RSPCA NSW

'We had to raise $45,000 for a new SES vehicle and so we created an Everyday Hero campaign through our local Rotary. Online fundraising has made such a difference. Everyone has pitched in, even the local gym, and we've already raised $31,000'.

Brendan, SES Volunteer, their community has now raised $140,000 for two vehicles

Learn more here! https://charity.everydayhero.com.au/products/standard-membership/

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