What does my Standard Membership give me?


Join the world’s fastest growing event fundraising platform!

AU, NZ, UK, IE, and US charities are raising more money than ever through peer-to-peer fundraising thanks to Everydayhero’s leading online fundraising technology and services.

Fundraising in Australia and New Zealand’s largest major community events is easy when you join Everydayhero. Both the Standard and Heroix memberships give you access to over 300,000 potential fundraisers, plus thousands more through our AU and NZ Everydayhero websites.

Through fitness integrations, branded campaigns, API integrations, mobile responsive design, dedicated support and more, Everydayhero helps you reach more people so you can raise more money. No other platform provides the same level of innovation, support and most importantly results making Everydayhero your #1 online fundraising partner.

3330 non-profits

AU & NZ wide

Over $500 million

raised so far

Over 1 million





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We’ll help you, your supporters, and donors experience the fun and ease of online fundraising. If you have any questions before you join, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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